CPV Towantic Energy Center – responding to the call for new energy resources

Connecticut is evolving and so are its energy needs.

The CPV Towantic Energy Center is a custom-designed solution to meet the growing electricity needs of the region.

Located on a secluded 26-acre site in the Woodruff Hill Industrial Park in Oxford, Connecticut, the state-of-the-art CPV Towantic Energy Center will use clean natural gas to create electricity to power over 750,000 Connecticut homes. The facility will employ dry-cooling and the most advanced natural gas turbine and environmental control technology. It will be one of the cleanest conventional electric generating projects in the world when it comes on-line in 2018.

The CPV Towantic Energy Center is being developed by Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), a company with a strong track-record of safely developing and managing state-of-the-art electric generating facilities that create stronger economies while preserving the environment.

CPV is proud to be working with the Oxford community to build this needed facility and help meet the energy and economic needs of Connecticut in an environmentally responsible manner.

What officials are saying:


"As the County Supervisor for the district that CPV Sentinel resides in I could not be more supportive of the plant. The plant has proven to be not only great for the local economy but they have proven themselves to be excellent corporate citizens. With San Onofre offline for good, this plant is a literal lifesaver."

- Marion Ashley, Supervisor, Riverside County

"The Charles County Commissioners have worked closely with Competitive Power Ventures on the CPV St. Charles Energy Center since this project began back in 2007. Over the ensuing eight years, we have found the company to be extremely professional and reliable. They have kept all the promises they made even under the most challenging of circumstances. We are delighted that this project is now fully permitted and under construction. Not only will it provide much needed clean energy to power Maryland, but it is also delivering major positive economic benefits to the entire region. For other communities considering working with CPV on a project like this, we cannot say enough good things."

- Candice Kelly, former President of the Charles County Commissioners

“The addition of 785 MW (net output) of natural gas-fired power from a dual-fuel capability plant will both shore up the supply needs of Connecticut and the region and improve the reliability of the electric system. Further, the ability of the proposed facility to quickly ramp up or ramp down its output will allow it to quickly adjust to varying levels of generation from renewable energy facilities going into the grid.”

- Frederick L. Riese, Senior Environmental Analyst
CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

CPV has treated the City as a partner in the operation and has been an asset to
our community. When they took over operation of the project, they faced many
hurdles including recommencing construction of the plant itself, working with
the city on many critical issues left by the previous developers and finally
managing the clean up of a pre-existing contamination issue on the site.

As someone who is on the frontline when it comes to dealing with the
community's concems, I offer my recommendation of CPV as a "partner" to the
City and member of the community.

- James L. Richitelli, Jr., Mayor, City of Milford, CT

"On behalf of the Mayor's Office and the residents of Woodbridge Township, I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the substantial benefits created by the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center. In addition to the clean, reliable electricity this state-of-the-art facility will generate, which will help drive our economy and further economic expansion, the CPV Woodbridge Energy Center has been a boon unto itself. This project has been the catalyst that has served to reutilize a former brownfield site on the Raritan River that stood vacant for decades. As part of this project, Woodbridge citizens will finally have public access to the river front as we complete the Woodbridge Waterfront Park and Sanctuary."

- John E. McCormac,
Mayor Woodbridge Township

"CPV Sentinel has been a wonderful corporate partner here in Desert Hot Springs. They have provided Thanksgiving and holiday meals for needy families, supported local schools, family support groups and have become an integral part of our community. I recently had the privilege of visiting the plant and was impressed how beautifully done all of the roads were. I was also impressed at the efficiency of the facility and the lack of noise while the plant was operational."

- Yvonne Parks, Mayor
Desert Hot Springs

"The CPV Sentinel Plant is providing critical backstop to the extensive renewable energy in the Coachella Valley. It is not always possible to rely solely on renewable energy and this kind of plant is critical, particularly in our region where we have very hot summer months."

- Steve Pougnet, Mayor
Palm Springs

"By providing reliable and affordable back-up power for our region’s green energy resources, CPV Sentinel plays an important role in helping to maximize the desert's renewable energy potential.  The construction of this cutting edge facility also created hundreds of good paying jobs for the region at a time when they were sorely needed.  I have had the opportunity to visit the Sentinel plant and get a tour of its impressive technology.  I am pleased to have helped make this project a reality."

- V.M. Pérez, State Assemblymember
lead author of AB 1318

"As a state legislator, I was a principal coauthor of legislation that moved this plant forward and I am very happy to continue my support as a member of the Board of Supervisors for Riverside County where the plant is located. State of the art in clean power generation, this plant is a critical component of providing the regions power needs. It is great that it is operational 3 months ahead of schedule to provide critical power for the summer months in the Coachella Valley."

- John Benoit, Supervisor
Riverside County

"The construction of the Sentinel Power Plant provided many good paying jobs for our members at a difficult time in the economy when our industry was hurting.The relationship between CPV and labor was exceptional in every respect and CPV Sentinel was an exceptional employer. We are very pleased to have an ongoing relationship with them as they move into operations."

- Chuck McDaniels, Business Manager
IBEW Local 440

"This single private-sector infrastructure project delivers dramatic economic benefits, benefits that will reverberate through Connecticut's economy, immediately and for decades to come."

- Fred Carstensen
CCEA Director

"Although the regional economic benefits were mentioned during a review with Southbury's Economic Development Commission last spring, the study quantifies this with detailed analysis. This is good news for Southbury and other neighboring towns who weren't sure how this project will benefit us."

- Ed Edelson
First Selectman of the neighboring town of Southbury

"The CPV Towantic Energy Center represents one of the largest private-sector infrastructure projects underway in our region, and will have a profound impact in helping to meet the growing need for safe and reliable electric generating capacity to fuel the continued growth of Connecticut's economy."

- Bill Purcell, President
Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce

"The jobs created by this major energy infrastructure project are substantial and extremely welcomed by the hard-working construction tradespeople of Connecticut."

- Dave Roche, President
Connecticut State Building Trades Council

"After more than a decade of development and hard work, we look forward to enjoying the positive financial impact to our town, our region and our state.''

- George R. Temple
  Oxford First Selectman

“I rise in enthusiastic support of this project and I urge that it begin as soon as possible. I think it is a godsend to both the Town of Oxford and the State of Connecticut. The jobs and tax revenue that will be produced by this project are truly staggering. I happen to be the chairman of the Finance Committee of the Oxford Board of Education. Oxford desperately needs this tax revenue. Our fixed costs for the Oxford School District are increasing more quickly than our budgets can accommodate. What are we to do? Are we to raise taxes? That's not a popular thing in Oxford. We need the money. We need the jobs. We need this project.”

-  Gerard Carbonaro, Chairman
Oxford Board of Education Finance Committee


“I represent 30,000 union building and tradesmen and women in the state of Connecticut and we stand 100 percent behind this project. We faced unemployment in the industry over the last 4 or 5 years topping off at 50 percent unemployment. Now with a project such as this, it's an opportunity for economic revitalization. This project’s labor agreement will provide a veterans hiring program, apprenticeship hiring, female hiring, minority business enterprise hiring, small business enterprise hiring. It's an economic boon that will work very, very well for the state of Connecticut. We've often heard the term "I'm my brother's keeper." We have to be our brother's keeper. We can't sit by while we have 40 and 50 percent unemployment, when we can start to put our people back to work and provide apprenticeship opportunities for the next generation of young people in this community. It's a win-win situation. It provides much needed energy to the state of Connecticut. We wholeheartedly support it.”

– Peter Reilly, Vice President
Connecticut State Building and Construction Trades Council

“Being a resident in the state of Connecticut my whole life, and being a part of the younger generation, I see the importance in economic growth. An 805-megawatt natural-gas-driven, electric-generating facility would bring a much needed and beneficial step in the right direction. Not only would it stimulate the town of Oxford and surrounding areas, it would put hundreds of state residents to work, and bring every one of us clean and reliable energy that is needed in our everyday. We support clean energy and this project.”

– Chris O’Neill
President of the Boilermakers Local 237

 “I see this project as a great opportunity to provide good paying construction jobs. We're finally starting to pull out of what has been one of the worst recessions in the construction industry here in Connecticut that we have ever seen. This project will provide an opportunity to continue to move the industry in a positive direction with a $75 million payroll and 300 to 500 construction jobs for men and women workers on the site. A project of this magnitude will provide great opportunities for journeyman, apprentices, men and women coming back and serving our country with Helmets to Hardhats.”
– Duane Gates, Business Representative
Operating Engineers

“I am in support of the 805-megawatt energy center. This generating station is one of the cleanest technologies available. CPV will add millions of dollars to the tax base for the town of Oxford. It will also fund several other associated projects, two metering stations on the Pomperaug River and the road for the Woodruff Hill Industrial park. They've also committed to funding community support over the next 20 years. This project will also assist in stabilizing the electric grid in Connecticut which will be suffering shortly due to the power plant decommissioning and increased electrical needs. CPV will also create approximately 500 badly needed construction jobs and create 20 to 25 permanent full-time jobs. These jobs will be done by skilled craftsmen who live in the state and give back to the communities that they live in by paying taxes and supporting the local economies of the communities that they live in. I am in support of this project.”

– Daniel McInerney
Business Representative, International Brotherhood of Electric Workers Local 488

“People comment "Well, build it in your town." I'm from North Windham, Connecticut. I would absolutely support it in my town. I have numerous -- I have hundreds and thousands -- a thousand hours plus working in these power plants down in Millstone, Killingly, Middletown. These powerhouses emit less emissions than cars, than the houses' furnaces, oil. I stand in support of this project.”

- Glenn Chester, Business Representative
Plumbers and Steamfitters Local CT

“We're in favor of this project as a bridge to a cleaner energy future. We do support solar energy. We support wind energy. We support all the energies. We want to get to that point, but we need something to get us there and this is one of those things that will do it. It will create an economic stimulus of over a billion dollars by some estimates, and will sustain hundreds of good quality, career sustaining jobs. I think it says something that the population of Oxford has grown significantly knowing that there's a power plant that's right -- right next to you. You know, they know that it's coming. We urge the Council to approve the expanded project.”

– Jeremy Zeedyk
Sheet Metal Workers of CT

"The CPV St. Charles Energy Center is one of the largest private infrastructure projects ever developed in Southern Maryland. It is bringing jobs, economic prosperity and clean reliable electric power to drive this region's growth while providing an anchor for future development. As someone who worked closely with the CPV team on this project, I have nothing but positive things to say about the company's professionalism and integrity. Even in the most challenging situations, they did what they said they would do, kept their promises and developed a cutting edge energy project about which we are all justifiably proud."

–Sally Jameson
Maryland House of Delegates representing Charles County

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Citizens Supporting the CPV Towantic Energy Center

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"I own industrial property along Commerce Drive, Oxford, just south of the airport as well as two large industrial buildings in Oxford. I think this project makes perfect sense. It will provide extensive tax revenue, create jobs. It is the kind of investment we need to allow Connecticut to become more competitive."
- Oxford resident

The valley needs this plant and needs this opportunity to become finally one the state map . I've lived in Oxford all my life and I really think this is a great choice...
- Waterbury resident

We need new investment in the electric generation system here in CT. We rely on old, dirt and expensive power plants which makes the cost of our electric uncompetitive with the rest of the US, hurting our manufacturing and economy. This project move us closer to having more efficient and economical electricity.
- Oxford resident

"I enthusiastically support the Towantic Energy project -- it will be very good for our entire state, providing a billion dollars in initial investment and lowering energy costs, plus providing jobs, and perhaps most importantly, as a state of the art facility it will promote the health of all of us in CT by contributing to the closing of the old polluting power plants that have plagued our state and our economy for too long."
- Westport resident

"I was convinced to support the effort by reading the letters to the editor. The pro's are better at explaining their position and stay away from negative thinking and unfounded facts. Fear mongering. Their pent up emotions show through and does not reflect clear thinking."
- Southbury resident

ISO New England has defined the "Public Need," a need for additional electric generation capacity in New England. CPV Towantic would provide the "Public Benefit." That would be "an annual reduction of $450 million in power costs to consumers, a reduction of 270,454 tons of 'CO2,'" 416 tons of "SO2," and 466 tons of "NOx." Compliance, "complying with the more stringent SO2, NO2, PM2.5 NAAQS (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) as well as the GHG (Green House Gas) rules establishing NSPS (New Source Performance Standards) and BACT (Best Available Control Technology) requirements."
- Herman Schuler, Oxford resident

"I appreciate the fact that CPV Towantic has chosen to upgrade an already approved design with one that will be more efficent and less harmful, utilizing best practices of the power generating industry. We all need energy at a reasonable price. To deny this state of the art facility is a disservice to all citizens of CT."
- Goshen resident

"Having been raised in the shadows of the Bpt UI and Devon power stacks, this new plant will be a vast improvement in emissions and technology. It will ensure needed power for the grid. Hopefully there will be enough natural gas to supply the area w/o impinging on the people's supply and costs."
- Milford resident

“I'm an Oxford taxpayer of over 40 years and an operating engineer, and I support this project a hundred percent for the tax revenue, jobs, and clean energy that it would create.”
 –Oxford resident

 “I just look forward to seeing this get under way. And on a selfish note, last time, Oxford lost power, I was out of power for nine days. So anything that will strengthen the infrastructure of our electric system, I will not oppose it, absolutely not.”
–Oxford resident

“You want to go home and turn the light switch on? You'll have power. You'll have the power. You'll have people in your family that have jobs.” You need these jobs. We need these jobs. And we need this electricity, because I'm tired of seeing in the news where we get a rate hike in the power because it's summertime and the power is low, we have to buy power from Canada to send to Connecticut. That is crazy. I see no reason for that.”
 – Don Hallaman

“I'm a very proud resident of Oxford. I have two young children that go to school here, and I coach football and baseball, and I support this project. I would urge the people that are opposed to it to think about what's coming out of their chimneys right now, the people that live in this community, and it's probably not pollution from natural gas. It's probably from fuel oil. And also think about the coal fired and nuclear power plants that are very close to here that could be phased out with a state-of-the-art power plant that burns natural gas. I support this project heavily. I think it's a good thing.”
- Oxford resident

 “There is a $75 million payroll that will be generated, three to five hundred workers will be on-site, and tens of millions of dollars in new local tax revenue, which we all know the town can use. It's a two-and-a-half-year major construction project, and we could really use the economic boon here in Connecticut. I hope you consider this project. God bless.”
- Oxford resident

“I own two technology buildings and some industrial land in Oxford surrounding the airport. I'm in strong support of this project. I feel it will provide a significant, long-term positive impact and help the state. I agree with the findings of the UConn study, with the new jobs and the significant amount of income taxes to be generated. I feel it will provide clean electrical power. It will help reduce our local energy costs. The project is located in a remote, properly zoned industrial piece of land. I think it will be quiet, environmentally safe, generate minimal traffic. For the Town of Oxford, this facility will significantly expand the tax base by absorbing roughly 6 percent of the town's budget. Every single property owner in Oxford will benefit from significantly reduced real estate taxes and personal property taxes. It will also provide hundreds of construction related jobs to local tradesmen during the construction period. I feel this is a huge win-win for Oxford and the surrounding towns. I support the project.”
- Oxford resident

 “I'd like to say that I am in full support of this project. I'm a union ironworker with Local 424, and I've lived in Oxford my whole life, since I was two years old. I think it would be very beneficial to the town. We need the tax revenue and all the benefits. The jobs are just astronomical. How much money we could put into the community to help everyone out.”
- Oxford resident

 “I'm from Southbury. I live about two miles away from the proposed plant. I'm for this project. It's a very clean, gas-burning project. It will not pollute our rivers. And I just think it's great for the area. I'm for this project. ”
- Southbury resident

This plant will be state of the art in clean & quiet electric power production and hopefully reduce our electric rates in connecticut and that is a good thing for all taxpayers living here.
- Lisbon resident